Tesla chief executive officer  Elon Musk supported the move of a gaming company challenging the removal of its application by Apple from its app store. Musk slammed the  apple  app store fees,  are calling them a “global tax on the internet”.Epic is right,”. Musk said in a tweet , “Apple app store fees are a de facto global tax on the Internet”.

The issue  to focus after , ‘Fortnite’ maker , Epic games that has   apple iPhone maker has challenged its dominance in the market for mobile apps store. It even filed a lawsuit against Apple last year.

Epic broke Apple’s rules when it introduced its own in-app payment system in ‘Fortnite’ maker epic games  to circumvent Apple’s commissions the game fees  on its app store.

The Tesla CEO said while replying to a user on Twittetr, “competitive pressure would force Apple to lower fees, but Apple & Android have a duopoly on phones. When interface familiarity is taken into account, it’s basically a monopoly,”

 Musk said ,that the effective 30 % sales tax Apple charges is hidden from users or there would be an outcry.Musk deny a report that he once had a chat with Apple boss Tim Cook related to a possible acquisition of the electric carmaker and taking over as the iPhone maker’s CEO.and said “walled garden” or its tightly controlled ecosystem and its usage of cobalt, a key mineral for making lithium-ion batteries.

 Musk said on Friday that  I like & use Apple products. The iphone maker  are just  overcharging with App Store. I mean 30% fees for doing almost zero incremental work is completely unreasonable. Epic wouldn’t bother processing their own payments if App Store fees were fair,” he further said on Twitter.

Apple, the company  which has defended its app store practices both in court and to lawmakers in hearings. Did  not responded to the development.


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