Aquaman 2

Aquaman 2 maker Peter Safran says fan pressure to cut Amber Heard from the film had no impact. Heard had played Mera in the DC Extended Universe since her first appearance in 2017’s Justice League. She’s repeated her job in James Wan’s Aquaman (2018) and Zack Snyder’s Justice League on HBO Max. Heard is relied upon to return as the Xebellian princess in the impending spin-off, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom close by Jason Momoa—which has effectively become creation and is scheduled for a December 2022 delivery.

During a new appearance on Deadline’s Hero Nation to advance The Suicide Squad, Aquaman 2 maker Safran affirmed Heard will be returning as Mera in the continuation. He expounded by saying that the personalities behind the DCEU don’t plan to “consent to” the pressure of fans. Understand what he said underneath:

“I don’t believe we’re truly going to respond to, truly, unadulterated fan pressure. You gotta give a valiant effort for the film. We felt that in case it’s James Wan, and Jason Momoa, it ought to be Amber Heard. That is truly what it was…One isn’t uninformed of what is happening in the Twitter-stanza, yet that doesn’t mean you need to respond to it or accept it as gospel or acquiesce to their desires. You need to make the wisest decision for the film, and that is truly where we arrived on it.”

No lawbreaker or common decisions have been administered against Heard. The court of popular assessment’s ramblings are in fact guess. Notwithstanding, her relationship with Aquaman 2 has and will doubtlessly keep on creating awful press. With respect “to one side for the film,” WB/DC Films doesn’t have the best history for innovative honesty in their way to deal with the DCEU. Get the job done to say, eliminating Heard from the Aquaman establishment would’ve straightforwardly repudiated the choice with Depp. While it might have seemed well and good to cut binds with both Depp and Heard from the leap, it’s past the point of no return for that now, which is acceptable new for aficionados of Heard. It’s important that Safran has just worked with DC on the Aquaman establishment, Shazam!, The Suicide Squad, Peacemaker (2022), and Shazam! Rage of the Gods (2023)— all tasks that are (ideally) essential for the DCEU’s brilliant, or dull, future.


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