Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad’s John Cena says he’s prepared to battle previous WWE rival, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, in a DC Extended Universe film. Most popular for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy establishment, essayist/chief James Gunn is bringing a totally different gathering of loners to the DCEU by means of The Suicide Squad on August sixth. As a spin-off and profound reboot to its 2016 partner, The Suicide Squad invites novices to Task Force X, including Cena’s “douchey Captain America,” Peacemaker.

In a meeting with ComicBook, Cena said he thinks a DCEU conflict between his Peacemaker and Johnson’s Black Adam is inescapable. While conceding his person doesn’t actually have a potential for success against Black Adam, Cena said he’d love to battle his previous colleague on-screen down the line. Peruse Cena’s full reaction when gotten some information about a possible confrontation underneath:

“You know me. Eager to get the show on the road. Furthermore, picking up the telephone at whatever point it rings. I’m acceptable,” said Cena. “I imagine that the fervor is beginning to work with fans, whether you talk about the discussion of Fast, or you talk about now the DC Universe. I would prefer not to say we’re on a brief training and it’s unavoidable. I need to, in light of the fact that I’m a fan. In any case, we’ll see. We’ll perceive what occurs. Mention to me what he says.”

Peacemaker will investigate its nominal person’s history too. Given Gunn’s past assertions in regards to The Suicide Squad’s loss of life, Cena’s remarks look good for his person’s endurance. As Cena and Johnson’s professions have all the earmarks of being on an impact course, it’s absolutely simple to envision Peacemaker and Black Adam (momentarily) clashing. While the previous is about harmony, the last has a background marked by being a dictator. Notwithstanding, the two characters kill voluntarily. Dark Adam’s jokes will prompt an experience with the Justice Society of America and apparently lead another section for the DCEU, whether his film is important for the SnyderVerse or not. Johnson has recently communicated a longing to battle Henry Cavill’s Superman—who might demonstrate a lot fiercer, yet less clever adversary than Cena’s Peacemaker.


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