According to two organisations that track the country, the commercial satellite imagery shows that the North Korean troops are preparing a military parade.

The possible dates for the military are unsure, but the North Koreans are planning the military parades for the unveil of military-like ballistic missiles. The practice of big parades starts before 1-2 months said the US-based 38 North programme.

Therefore, as previously the military parade could take place in October and another night-time parade took place in January.

The talks over North Korea’s ballistic missiles or the nuclear weapon has been stopped since a year. The North Korean’s parade in past has been done for boosting us their latest ballistic or nuclear missiles in the world said NK Pro, on Tuesday.

As per the satellite image, NK Pro said that it looked like dozens of trucks. where he added 14 trucks with approximately 300 soldiers in each of the parade.Where the same images have been reported again on Wednesday. The upcoming national holidays of North Korea includes September 9 and October 10 where the date could be Oct 8 as Kim will celebrate its 10th anniversary of becoming the supreme commander of the military force.


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