Harley Quinn is a critical piece of The Suicide Squad, however inquisitively she begins the film on the less gifted, more disposable, and for the most part terrible Task Force X. Harley (Margot Robbie) is one of only a handful few characters to get back from the original 2016 film for James Gunn’s not-a-sequel, not-a-reboot. Nonetheless, she’s experienced a couple of changes since that film delivered. Flying predators (And the Fabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) introduced another interpretation of Harley Quinn; many of the center aspects were still there, however there was no space for the Joker, with Harley revealing they’d separated. With a new viewpoint on life and a refreshed closet for sure, it appeared as though Harley’s future was totally open. Lamentably for her, the open street just drove her back to Belle Reve.

Harley herself is extremely talented, so for what reason would she say she was consigned to the B group, instead of being with Bloodsport’s (Idris Elba) all along? One chance lies with Waller herself. As The Suicide Squad clarifies, Waller is incredibly heartless and willing to do whatever essential. She’s had a ton of issues with Harley Quinn, dating back to the principal film (and likely previously), and her different getaways since then, at that point. Using Harley on the “awful” Task Force X group, then, at that point, could be Waller’s method of getting freed of her for great. Still, she is nothing if not insightful, and likely knew including Harley enjoyed different benefits. Without her, then, at that point Flag might’ve had more inquiries regarding the make-up of the group; putting somebody with her abilities on there guarantees it works better as a redirection and allows that group a more noteworthy opportunity of achievement.

Given the unwaveringness he shows to her, it’s additionally possible Flag actually mentioned she be in his group. Assuming it works out, the mission can succeed; in the event that it doesn’t , it’s no misfortune to Waller. Putting Harley in this group is fundamentally a win-win for her. Another possible explanation is that Bloodsport didn’t need Harley in his group. The Suicide Squad shows his Task Force X being collected, and he sees (and is exasperated by) misfit characters like Weasel, so it’s conceivable he’d have dismissed Harley as well. There’s a feeling that Harley winds up doing anything she desires, so she might well have wound up in Flag’s group in any case, since she’s shown such a willingness to escape Belle Reve any way she can on different events now.

Including Harley on the awful Task Force X additionally increased the stakes of the opening mission. With no disrespect to Boomerang, that group is generally a lot of nobodies without Harley in the interest of personal entertainment. By including her, it makes the betray from Blackguard and the reality the entirety of different individuals are so immediately killed off all the seriously surprising, as a result of the assumption that Harley will be alright. She is, obviously, however the film sets up her group lasting longer than it does precisely on the grounds that she’s on it. Harley demonstrates her value to Bloodsort’s group and afterward some later in The Suicide Squad’s story, yet she’s critical to that opening mission, regardless of whether she’s in the awful group.


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