On Wednesday, January 12, Adele released her music video for the song “Oh My God” from her critically acclaimed fourth studio album 30 . Remember listening to the album and crying for days on end? It feels like 20 years ago.

Circular lights framed behind Adele make her look like a literal saint. By the end of the video, Adele’s chair is on fire, representing a new era and moving on from her marriage.

“Oh My God” is an upbeat song . The video, directed in black-and-white, features Adele singing and sitting in a studio filled with chairs and apples. As the video progresses, dancers appear around her.

This could also represent a distaste for sitting in uncomfortable chairs without any cushioning. But I digress: The most important part of the  “Oh My God” video is Adele’s three instantly iconic looks.

Adele’s first look in the “Oh My God” video is a black column gown with dramatic, billowing gauzy sleeves and a massive pussy bow. The sleeves and pussy bow have white polka dots on them.

 Adele styled this vibrant gown with her hair pulled into a bun with some tendrils hanging by her ears. She wore pearl drop earrings that pair super well with the polka dots and black boots with a pointed toe. For makeup, she went for her signature cat eye with a strong cheek contour. 

 Adele literally made me scream, “Oh, my God.” This look is an A-line gown with a fitted bodice that’s giving pope-inspired Rihanna at the 2018 Met Gala. 

Adele’s third and final look is classic Adele. The black tulle gown has a fitted bodice with see-through long sleeves, a draped portrait neckline, and a large, billowing skirt that adds drama to every shot.

Adele wore the shiny patterned gown with a cropped white cape with embellishments and accessorized it all with above the elbow black leather gloves. She wore her usual glam but styled her hair down with a headband, and her ends curled outward at the bottom. 


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