Actor and musician Ardhito Pramono was arrested by the police for a drug case on Wednesday at his residence in the East Jakarta area. Ardhito Pramono was born on 22 may 1995. The police arrested Ardhito Pramono for evidence of marijuana. This was stated by the Head of the West Jakarta Metro Police Narcotics AKBP Danang Setiyo.

 Danang Setiyo said,“We secured it at his residence in the East Jakarta area. Marijuana is a type of marijuana” .Apart from still being investigated, Danang continued that the police are still carrying out developments.

Ardhito became known since 2013 for singing AJ Rafael’s song she was mine.starting to develop  his talent , ardhito also released many songs.ardhito is not only a musician ,but also a main actor in of the films that shows his talent is later kita stories about today.  

Ady Wibowo said ,“Yes, that’s right, we have just secured a public figure, feature film actor, songwriter and singer,” .In addition, the Head of Public Relations of the Polda Metro Jaya Kombes Endra Zulpan also confirmed that the artist arrested by the police was indeed Ardhito Pramono.“Yes, Ardhito Pramono,” said Zulpan.

Danang said ,“We will inform you in the near future, the investigation team is current investigating the arrest,”.Previously, the West Jakarta Metro Police Chief, Kombes Ady Wibowo, had confirmed that those arrested by the police in connection with drug cases were public figures.


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