Here is the new Matrix 4 set video

Reeves of course is notable for performing many of his own stunts in real life films like the John Wick series, yet in any event, for a veteran of such films, bouncing from a tall structure must be a heart-beating experience. To be sure in a new meeting Reeves described the structure jump as the craziest thing he got to do while shooting the newest Matrix film. As for why the decision was taken to shoot the jump for genuine instead of doing it against a green screen, Reeves referenced the requirement for regular light in the scene and furthermore brought up “It’s The Matrix.”

Without a doubt The Matrix Resurrections is appropriately named as it has resurrected a film series that couple of accepted could at any point be brought resurrected. Of course the fourth Matrix film puts new twists on the series’ world while presenting new characters, yet its center is the relationship between Keanu Reeves’ Neo and Carrie-Ann Moss’ Trinity. The gathering of Neo and Trinity normally leads to risk, incorporating a second teased in Matrix: Resurrections trailers where the characters are compelled to jump off a high structure, leaving their fates plainly hanging out there.

It just so happens, the structure jump scene was a serious encounter for Reeves and Moss, who truly bounced off a San Francisco skyscraper to accomplish the necessary shots. Indeed as indicated by Reeves he bounced from the structure 19 or 20 times to get the recording. Now thanks to Twitter account @keanyssance there’s another point on that Neo and Trinity jump, one showing how the frightening stunt was really pulled off. See the video in the space beneath:

For sure fans of The Matrix have generally expected a specific degree of insane stunt work from the activity pressed film series and the fourth section unquestionably doesn’t skimp on that aspect. The question now is whether the resurrected Matrix series will proceed past the fourth film. Chief Lana Wachowski has shown that Matrix 4 doesn’t set up another sequel, obviously that doesn’t mean one will not occur. It remains to be seen anyway to progress forward with more investigation of the universe of The Matrix, or on the other hand assuming that the fourth film turns out to be the series’ capper.


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