Tom Parker’s widow Kelsey believes her late husband would be ‘happy’ if she found love again following his death. The widow broke her silence after it was revealed that she is now in the early stages of a relationship with new man Sean Boggans. 

In the third episode of her reality show, Kelsey, 32, told how she thinks Tom would give his blessing for her to find someone new, with the actress emphasising that she’s still ‘so young’. The Wanted star lost his life in March this year at the age of 33, after a year-and-a-half long battle with stage four glioblastoma brain cancer. 

Thursday’s episode of Kelsey Parker: Life After Tom saw the mother-of-two visit a widows’ group at a local pub, with the attendees being elderly women. And when asked by one if she thought Tom would be ‘happy’ to see her move on, Kelsey responded: ‘We didn’t really have those conversations but, knowing Tom, I feel like he would be happy for me. 

‘He’d just want me to be happy. And I’m so young.’ So sad: The Wanted star lost his life in March this year at the age of 33 , after a year-and-a-half long battle with stage four glioblastoma brain cancer .While another widower said to her: ‘He would want you to live a full life.’

During the chat, Kelsey also asked another woman how long she’d been a widow, with the woman saying her husband died in 2003, before stating that she beats herself up for not making her husband go to the doctor sooner  but concluded that she can’t have regrets about it.

Kelsey agreed, saying of her own situation: ‘I can’t keep looking back being like what if this, what if that? Because I would spend my whole life blaming myself for things that I didn’t do and it’s out of my hands anyway. ‘But you feel guilt and blame. But I think it’s more because you want them to be here with you and to be enjoying life with you.’

The influencer, who’d been with Tom for 13 years, also admitted that she was ‘jealous’ of widows who had spent up to as much as 60 years with their husbands before their deaths.However, after a heart-to-heart with the ladies, she came to the conclusion that losing a husband is devastating no matter what the age. She said: ‘I don’t think there’s any age for it to be easier to lose a partner. ‘Some of them had been together for 60 years. You lose that partner and I guess that must be absolutely heart-wrenching. ‘There’s never a good age to lose your partner, your best friend and the love of your life.’

It comes amid the news that Kelsey had began a new relationship, nine months after her husband had passed. Kelsey and Sean, a father-of-two, are believed to have met when she took a break with friends in Lindos, Rhodes, in September. ‘It’s very early days and no-one knows what the future will bring, but for now, Kelsey is happy that someone else has come into her life,’ said a source. It was also revealed that electrician Sean was jailed in 2013 killing a stranger with a single punch while waiting for a taxi outside an east London.

Earlier this month, Kelsey admitted she struggles with feelings of loneliness and guilt following the death of her husband of four years.  The mother-of-two is still processing her grief and appeared on Thursday’s Good Morning Britain to discuss her journey and the ITVBe series documenting life after Tom. 

Kelsey admitted she was ‘worried’ to film, Kelsey Parker: Life After Tom, but it ended up being ‘the best thing’ she could’ve done. She explained: ‘It was like therapy for me. I’ve done things in the show that I wouldn’t necessarily have done but it’s massively helped me. It’s pushed me out of my comfort zone.

‘I didn’t really understand what grief was. You can feel so many emotions at one time. There’s so many different elements.’  Kelsey revealed that one issue she faced was dealing with ‘a lot of guilt’. 

‘But even still there’s that guilt process. Guilty that I’m still here and I look at my kids and I’m guilty he’s not experiencing what I’m experiencing with them.’ Asked how she’s coping with ‘moving on with life’ following Tom’s death, Kelsey admitted it was hard figuring out what items of Tom to keep as they are constant reminders of the fact he’s no longer with them. 


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