Kourtney Kardashian insists her blended family with husband Travis Barker is like a ‘fairy tale’ on the Season 2 finale of The Kardashians… but that doesn’t mean there aren’t setbacks. The 43-year-old Kourtney and 46-year-old Barker hosted a dinner for their entire family… though Kourtney revealed her oldest child, 12-year-old Mason, refused to join them.

‘Our family is growing and expanding and we have so much to be thankful for,’ Kourtney says in confession, while Travis and his 18-year-old son Landon practice sliding and catching a glass water bottle across the table.

Kourtney even proposed to have ‘no-technology’ dinners, when noticing that all of the kids were glued to their phones while waiting for dinner to be served. While Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner were in Paris, back in Los Angeles, Kourtney and Travis’ blended family all gather for dinner.

‘I love the idea of a blended family. I think the more kids the merrier. You have all these siblings and more people to love, and it’s a beautiful thing,’ Kourtney says in confession… as they show all of the kids – Kourtney’s Penelope, 10 and Reign, 7 and Travis’ Landon, Alabama, 16 and stepdaughter Atiana, 23 – are all on their phones… with even Travis checking his phone.

Kourtney puts her phone and Travis’ phone on a table away from their dinner table, and Landon says they can take his phone too, as Travis says, ‘I love that, Lan.’ ‘Mason has friends over and wouldn’t come to dinner,’ Kourtney explains, while Reign tries to tell a joke and Penelope tells him, ‘No one is laughing,’ but Reign says, ‘I know.’

‘Guys, should we have a no technology rule?’ Kourtney asks, as Travis says, ‘OK, when the food gets here, you guys gotta put down your phones. Atiana pushes her phone into the middle of the table and Travis says he’s going to make this a rule for every dinner he has with her.

Kourtney adds in confession, ‘Travis is so passionate about life. He’s a really amazing father. I love that because we’ve all known each other for 10 years and all of the kids have had so many memories with each other that it just feels so good to continue to have the best time together.’

Reign says they’re going to do the ‘Peak and Pit’ – where everyone at the dinner table shares their high point and low point of the day. Kourtney shares that her peak was having matcha with Travis but her pit explained why her oldest son Mason, 12, wasn’t joining them at dinner.

Kourtney tells him to get in bed under the covers and she says she’ll come back to say prayers and to scratch his back. At the end of the episode Kourtney said in confession, ‘The past few months have just been non-stop, all swirled in with planning our wedding, raising our six kids, doing all these things with the love of my life just makes it all so special.’

Reign says it’s Travis’ turn and he says his peak was having matcha but his pit was, ‘Not being, ironically, at the spa on the cleanse.’ They wrap up as Landon thanks everyone for dinner while Kourtney thanks the chefs and says everything was amazing.

‘I just think it’s about two families joining together in this true love fairy tale,’ Kourtney says in confession, while Reign runs through the house – in only his underwear jumping into his massive bed, apparently imitating Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.


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