The 48-year-old star – who has six-year-old son York with ex-boyfriend Erik Asla has served as host of ABC’s ‘Dancing with the Stars’ since 2020 and explained that the black dress with a skeletal trim she wore for the spooky special on Monday (31.10.22) was the same weight as her child.

The former ‘American’s Next Top Model’ judge – who is now in a relationship with entrepreneur Louis Bélanger-Martin was also seen in a dark crimson jumper with bellbottoms during the second part of the Halloween special and explained that changing outfits mid-show was something she “always” used to do before the ballroom competition moved from ABC to streaming platform Disney+ and lost the commercial time.

She said: “It’s so heavy! It weighs about 40 pounds. But, know what? I think my child weighs about 40 pounds, so I just have to think, ‘You’re just holding your child’!” She told ‘Entertainment Tonight’: “I used to always change clothes every single episode, but I stopped doing that. So, I got a do the understocking, then I got a do the fishnets stocking, then I got a put on the corset, then I got a take a break.  Then, 10 minutes before the live show, [they go] ‘Get yo a** up right now, Tyra, it’s live! There’s no commercials! It’s on Disney+, get your a** up, right now!’”

However, the ‘Life-Size’ actress added that she “loves” the “crazy” nature of live television because there is no opportunity to get everything right. She said: ” I love live ’cause you can’t, like, make it right. “I love it! I love the crazy.”


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