The kissing Booth 3 which got released on 11th August 2021 is capturing everyone’s attention. In the sequel 3 of The kissing Booth , starts with the commencement of summer vacation. Where Elle is completely confused regarding her admission in Berkley or Harward. But keeping this aside she plans to complete their (Elle and Lee’s) bucket list as it was their last summer in the beach house. Their parents thought of selling that appartment out because of their children shifting to college .

Finally , Elle and Lee got occupied completing their bucket list which indeed left scars in the relationship of Noah and Elle. Somehow they managed to forget this mess and moved ahead . Suprisingly , from nowhere Marco returned into Elle’s life. This lead to more difficulties between Noah and Elle’s life. And they both ended up fighting. After which Marco realised that no one can force anybody to love them and things went fine again. Noah found a letter at Elle’s place that was from Berkley which stated that she was qualified for her admission in that college and was never in the waiting list. Noah felt that Elle did all this just for him and furtger did not want her to sacrifise anything for him so they planned to break up which each other.

Finally , Noah , Elle and Lee went to their destined places and when they returned after their graduation Lee and Rachel (Lee’s girlfriend) decided to get engaged in the last week of May. Everything ended happily. Also the Kissing Booth was still being handled by the school students which mesmorised Elle and Lee.


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