Flag on the play. Personal foul. #4 of the offense. $5 million penalty. Automatic first down. Let’s get this out the way out the gate, Brett Favre ain’t s**t. We been knew he ain’t s**t from his bootlicking devotion to Donald Trump so none of this comes as a surprise but it’s still disappointing as f**k.

According to Mississippi Today, newly released texts between the Hall of Fame Green Bay Packers quarterback, Governor Phil Bryant, and nonprofit muckety-muck Nancy New show a clear plan to use funds that were earmarked to help people via welfare to build a new muthaf’n volleyball stadium for the University of Southern Mississippi where Favre’s privileged daughter goes to school.

“Just left Brett Favre,” Bryant texted nonprofit founder Nancy New in July of 2019, within weeks of Davis’ departure.“Can we help him with his project. We should meet soon to see how I can make sure we keep your projects on course.”

Bryant has denied any involvement with diverting funds to aid in this project, however, the texts say that the building was set to be named after him. This is some shady stuff straight from the pages of an Ozark script.

We’d be remiss if we failed to mention the fact that Bryant fired the previous welfare agency director John Davis for alleged fraud. Only thing Republicans love more than faux Christianity and guns is hypocrisy.

Nancy New and John Davis have both been indicted for the biggest case of fraud in Mississippi history. A forensic auditor found that there had been a misspending of over $77 million. New has already pleaded guilty to 13 felony counts related to the scam and Davis is still awaiting trial. No word on charges for Favre and Bryant but as far as we’re concerned, off their mayo based a**es need to be in jail


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