Offset’s son, Kody, had his first football game this past weekend. The youngster had his family cheering from the sidelines as he competed alongside his team members in hopes of finding success.

Offset had to move a few things around in his schedule to be present at his son’s game. The rapper also spent $50k on a flight to make it home in time for his second oldest son, Kody Cephus’ first football game.

Offset has two kids, Wave and Kulture, with his wife, Cardi B. Kody, his younger sister, Kalea, and older brother Jordan are their dad’s children from previous relations. Offset takes pride in fostering a blended family alongside his wife who accepts all of the Cephus kids as her own.

“Being a father’s important to me personally,” Offset recently told exclusively. “For instance, there’s a big party on Saturday, right? In Los Angeles. And my son Kody’s first football game is on Sunday. There’s no way I’m missing either event, so I’m going to have to make it work,” the rapper said prior to his son’s big day on the field. “It’s priority to me.”

It is no secret that Offset and Cardi B are well off. As such, the celebrity parents go out of their way to spoil their children. Nothing beats family structure, though. “That’s my biggest thing,” Offset shared . “I don’t want my kids to have everything in the world and then not have structure coming up because I was never around to give them the structure,” the celebrity father told the press.

“I’m blessed with a beautiful wife that’s accepted my kids as hers and family,” Offset told. “It’s mandatory they all celebrate with each other and grow up with each other because they love each other,” the rapper shared. “They talk to each other on the phone all the time and it’s just beautiful. My mom has two other kids and I grew up with my brothers and know them all  it’s just the same thing.”


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