George Lazenby has been axed from his own live concert show following complaints about his on-stage comments over the weekend. Lazenby, who played 007 in the 1969 James Bond film On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, received a wave of backlash after he reportedly discussed his sexual conquests and swore at The Music of James Bond show on Saturday in Perth. 

Ticket sales for the show which features orchestral performances and a sit-down interview with Lazenby were open to all ages, and there were reportedly children in the audience. While a recording of his exact statements have not yet been released, a member of the audience described them as ‘horrific’ during a radio interview with 6PR. 

On Monday organiser Concertworks announced Lazenby, 83, has been dropped from the tour’s Melbourne leg due to ‘unacceptable’ comments made on-stage at his Perth show on Saturday night. 

‘He spent all of the interview just talking basically about his sexual conquests, he swore, he certainly wasn’t talking about his Bond movies, he downplayed the Queen, a day after she died,’ the caller said. 

‘He named women he had slept with, and there were children in the audience, and a lot families who had brought their kids probably to their first classical music concert,’ they continued. The caller went on to brand his comments ‘creepy’, ‘offensive’, and ‘absolutely horrific behaviour.’

‘Concertworks is extremely saddened and disappointed by George Lazenby’s language, comments and recollections during The Music of James Bond concert at the Perth Concert Hall on Saturday 10 September,’ the statement began. 

‘These were his personal views and there is no excuse for this in today’s society. They do not reflect the views of Concertworks. On behalf of Concertworks, we sincerely apologise to the audience, performers, conductor, WASO and the Perth Concert Hall,’ it continued. 

‘Concertworks denounces Mr Lazenby’s conduct and the final Music of James Bond concert in Melbourne will proceed without Mr Lazenby in attendance.’  Further, The WA Symphony Orchestra (WASO) also issued a similar statement condemning Lazenby’s comments, calling them ‘totally unacceptable’.

‘His views are not shared or endorsed by WASO or Perth Concert Hall. We thank performers Bonnie Anderson and Luke Kennedy, conductor Nicholas Buc and the WASO musicians for their professionalism,’ they added added. 

‘And that couldn’t happen on the set, because there were only eight girls there for the whole nine months’, he said. Lazenby admitted he would sometimes go out until daybreak and liked to drink.  But the Bond actor said he couldn’t bed British actress Diana Rigg, and claims she considered having an affair with him. 

In 2020, Lazenby made headlines after he told the Daily Star he’d slept with five girls a day while filming On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. The Australian 007 actor, who described himself as a ‘rugged’ male model in his younger years, said it was ‘outrageous’ that he was having so much sex. 

He admits that she caught him pants down with a receptionist at the hotel. He said: ‘I was in the stunt tent, because there were lot of mattresses in there. And Diana [Rigg] is walking up the path and this bloody stuntman lifted the side of the tent up . And I am fully fledged into it and I said: ‘Hi’.

Lazenby was the second actor to portray to portray Agent 007 and at age 29, he was the youngest actor to portray Bond. The Australian actor took over the role from Sean Connery who stepped down from the franchise after he starred in You Only Live Twice. 

He was paid $50K for the film, which also starred actress Diana Rigg in the role of Bond’s lover.  During the making of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Lazenby announced he would play Bond only once and declined to reprise his portrayal of Bond in later films. 

He told the New York Post in 2017: ‘It made me famous, and I had to deal with that for a while, which is a pain in the butt. You know, it’s just part of me. I don’t know why it happened.’ Lazenby worked as a male model and car salesman before landing the iconic role. 

Lazenby had been offered a contract for six more Bond movies, but had been advised by his agent, Ronan O’Rahilly, to turn the deal down. The former superstar has since said he has no regrets. The actor’s face was recently put on a Royal Mail stamp along with others who have played 007 through the decades.  


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