Queen Elizabeth was “full of fun” during a dinner at Balmoral just days before death. Queen Elizabeth was said to have been ‘full of fun’ during the weekend before her death. Dr Greenshields told The Times newspaper: “It was a fantastic visit. Her memory was absolutely amazing and she was really full of fun.”

The UK’s longest reigning monarch passed away aged 96 on Thursday (08.09.22) at her estate in Scotland just days after hosting Rt Rev Dr Iain Greenshields for a weekend, and he’s shared details of the dinner and lunch he enjoyed with the queen as well as the new King Charles and Princess Anne.

“She was the life and soul of things. She was speaking very personally to me about her time there way back when she was a child, she was talking about her horses from the past, naming them from 40 years ago, people’s names and places. She was quite remarkable.”

He went on to reveal he was surprised to hear she was seriously ill just days later, adding: “It came as a great shock to me when I heard she was gravely ill because she was in amazingly good form over the weekend.

News of the Queen’s declining condition was revealed to the nation on Thursday in a statement which explained she was under medical supervision at Balmoral as her doctors had expressed concern for her health.

A subsequent report revealed Charles  who became King on his mother’s death and Anne were by the Queen’s side during her final moments.

Her immediate family members including her four children Charles, Anne, and Princes Andrew and Edward and grandsons Prince William and Prince Harry rushed to Balmoral before it was announced later that day she had passed away during the afternoon.


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