Patrick Schwarzenegger and his longtime girlfriend Abby Champion are spending some alone time together in New York City. And like most tourists, they headed out for a long walk across the Big Apple’s many neighborhoods, which included Soho in Downtown Manhattan, known for its many artists’ lofts and art galleries.

During their travels in the trendy neighborhood, that also attracts people with its variety of shops, stores and upscale boutiques, the couple made a pitstop to buy a fruit smoothie.

Schwarzenegger, 28, stepped out looking casual-cool in baggy, peach-colored dress pants that he matched with a white tank top and white and yellow sneakers. He also had his dark brown hair cut short, off his face, in a slightly messy look.

With the temperature hovering in the mid-80s degrees Fahrenheit, the son of screen legend Arnold  Schwarzenegger, sipped on the cold drink as they continued on towards uptown.

Showing he’s a team player, The Terminal List actor shared the drink with his lady, who dressed for comfort and the heat in blue denim shorts and a black t-shirt. 

Knowing they would be putting in the miles during their sight-seeing stroll, she also wore white running sneakers, and had her blonde tresses styled long and flowing to about the middle of het back with a center part. 

The duo would eventually make their way uptown to Times Square, where Schwarzenegger got the idea to manifest his face and likeness on a billboard, via creative visualization. 

‘Alright, I’m manifesting it right now,’ the Los Angeles native began in a selfie video, adding, ‘In one year, maybe two years actually, in one to two years I will have some sort of billboard in Times Square… manifesting.’

Some four hours later, Schwarzenegger took back to his Instagram page and posted a cute video of the couple having a debate over who bought the ‘coolest’ new sunglasses during their walk. 

‘Alright, we got new glasses,’ he said while looking straight into the camera. ‘Who’s cooler?’ he asked as he moved the camera over enough to show his ladylove walking close behind in her new sunglasses.

‘Show them off,’ he said to Champion, who proceeded to walk closer to the camera and strike a mock-model pose. ‘Ha, mines cooler,’ he added, along with a few hearty laughs.Wanting to get in the last word, Champion moved closer to the camera again and declared, her sunglasses are cooler: ‘Actually though, it’s mine.’ Schwarzenegger and Champion have been an item since 2016. 


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