Kylie Jenner brought her daughter Stormi, four, to a London concert by the little girl’s father Travis Scott this Saturday. Their attendance was a show of support as Travis mounts a comeback after a deadly stampede claimed 10 lives at his Astroworld festival performance last year.

Travis appeared to be irritated by the disruption to his set, but he kept rapping and refused to allow the disturbance to unhorse him. Kylie posted a Instagram album of the concert after it was over, including a picture Stormi in her lap as they proudly watched Travis perform.

Travis, 31, took the show at The O2 this Saturday, marking his first time he has headlined an arena show since Astroworld. His latest concert did not proceed without incident, as an audience member threw a heavy object onto the stage but missed Travis.

Kylie’s post also featured a video of her and Travis strolling hand in hand through a parking lot, firmly putting on a unified display. She threw in a video that appeared to show Travis pumping himself up with the help of his pals before he strutted onto the stage.

One heartwarming picture showed Travis hugging Kylie and their daughter backstage, possibly before the show began. Once the concert got rolling, Kylie and Stormi had pride of place in the audience, where one of her pictures showed the mother-daughter duo festively throwing their arms up into the air as Travis performed below. 

He shouted with excitement several times, kicking at a door and thundering down the hallway as his giggling friends sprayed him with water.  Along with Stormi, Kylie and Travis share a son whom they welcomed this February, but the baby was absent from the album. 

Travis’ London concert came days after he announced his upcoming residency Road To Utopia, to take place at Resorts World in Las Vegas. Kylie has been publicly assisting his comeback, posing on Instagram for example in a pair of sneakers he collaborated on with Dior.

Footage shows the music briefly stopped as an ambulance tried to get through the crowd, but then the music resumed and Travis vowed to make the ‘ground shake.’ His performance, which also included a surprise spot by Drake, went on for half an hour after the fire department declared a ‘mass casualty event.’ 

In November, when Kylie was pregnant with their son, she attended Travis’ Astroworld festival concert where a deadly crush of bodies occurred. The death toll from the tragic incident rose to 10 when a nine-year-old boy named Ezra Blount succumbed to his injuries.

The Harris County Institute Of Forensic Sciences released the autopsy results in December, revealing all of the victims died of compression asphyxia. Travis sat for an interview with Charlamagne Tha God that month and said he was only told through his earpiece to leave the stage after Drake’s guest spot.

He maintained he was unaware of the scale of the problem while he was onstage, and claimed to have met with some of the bereaved families. Dozens of lawsuits cumulatively worth billions of dollars were filed against Travis and the companies behind the concert in the aftermath of the deaths.

When news of that lawsuit went public, an insider in Travis’ camp said to TMZ: ‘It’s very clear that the tide is turning as the authorities and public conversation has been focused on concert operators and security contractors rather than performers.’

It emerged this February that nearly 400 lawsuits against Travis Scott and Live Nation were rolled up into one for purposes of efficiency.  A class-action suit this May claimed over 4,900 people were injured during the show, with 732 requiring ‘extensive medical treatment,’ according to Rolling Stone. 

Travis largely pulled back from the spotlight after Astroworld, and plans for him to appear at Coachella this year were scrapped.

Only recently has he begun to perform onstage again, and on the Fourth of July he briefly stopped a show on Coney Island so he could to instruct fans clambering onto a metal truss: ‘We need y’all to get down,’ in order to maintain safety.


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