Camila Cabello was spotted out with her mother, 53-year-old Sinuhe, as they made an imperative coffee stop in sunny Los Angeles earlier Friday morning.  The mother-daughter duo were all smiles and dressed casually for a quick early morning outing. 

The top was sleeveless and had an open collar at the neckline, added a stylish edge to the look. Camila opted to slip into a pair of white sneakers to stay comfortable for the weekday outing. 

The Senorita singer, 25, donned a white crop top to stay cool in the warmer summer temperatures, along with fashionable bottoms. The talented performer donned a pair of gray, low-waisted pants and added a cropped white shirt, showing off some of her midriff. 

The Havana hitmaker pulled her long locks up into a messy bun, showing a glimpse of large, gold-hooped earrings. The beauty had a colorful tote bag slung over her right shoulder to hold a few necessary items she needed for the day. 

She matched her daughter, and opted to slip into a pair of white sneakers to run the morning errand. Camila and her mother appear to have a close relationship. During an interview with Time in 2019, the performer discussed the significant role her mother has. 

Camila appeared to be in high spirits with her mother, who tagged along to pick up a cup of tasty coffee. The singer’s mother also kept her look stylishly casual, donning black leggings, a black shirt, and a colorful, long-sleeved sweater. 

‘My fairy godmother in real life would definitely be my mom,’ she expressed. ‘She does magic for me every day.’ Sinuhe seems to think the world of her daughter, too. During a joint interview with Entertainment Tonight, she gushed about Camila and how strong she is. 

‘I have never met someone who can confront her fears in the way she does,’ she explained. During an interview with Cosmopolitan, Camila opened up about how much she has grown over the years, from focusing on herself to continuing her passion for singing. 

‘I’m more relaxed, at ease and sure of what I want,’ the Cinderella actress stated. ‘All the hell I experienced – whether it was in my mind, outside my mind, in little waves or big waves – taught me how to find the peace that I’m getting now.’ 

‘I just want to live my life and have great friendships. If something comes out of them that’s something more, then that’s great.’  Camila announced earlier this year that she will be jumping off the stage to be a coach on season 22 of The Voice.  

The award-winning singer also explained how she is more devoted to making friends rather than jumping into another relationship. She previously dated singer, Shawn Mendes, with the two breaking up in November 2021. 


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