Australian model Amber Luke has spent over $250,000 transforming her appearance with extreme surgeries. And on Wednesday, the 27-year-old showed off her full body tattoos as she posed in a skimpy bikini.

Amber shared a series of photos to Instagram, revealing her heavily tattooed body while posing for a selfie. ‘Well well well … welcome back,’ she captioned the images. It comes after Amber shocked viewers earlier this month during an appearance on Studio 10 where she said she had ‘no regrets’ about her outrageous look.

Pre-surgery photos of the Brisbane-based OnlyFans star show she looked like a completely different person before her transformation into a ‘dragon girl’. In old throwback snaps, Amber is a baby-faced blonde with a far more innocent look compared to her current appearance.

Despite her stunning natural beauty in her pre-surgery photos, Amber described herself as a ‘plain Jane’ before her transformation. She now has more than 600 tattoos and has undergone a breast augmentation, cheek and lip fillers, pointed implants placed in her ears and a Brazilian butt lift.

An operation to dye her eyeballs blue left her blind for three weeks, after the tattooist pushed the needle too deep into her eyeball. ‘They literally inject your eye with a syringe,’ she explained to Studio 10. ‘It’s done four times in each eye. Someone holds your eye open and someone injects,’ she continued.

‘It wasn’t done correctly. He actually went too deep into my eyeball. It was very, very, very painful.’ Amber worked as a topless waitress before finding fame, but now makes a lucrative living on OnlyFans.


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