It’s not every day you see two partially clothed Hollywood stars paddle-boarding the Adriatic, but onlookers were confronted with all of the above on Sunday. 

Those walking the coastline in Croatian capital Dubrovnik could be forgiven for doing a double take as Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey commandeered a paddle-board close to the shore. 

The group are currently enjoying a sunshine break in Croatia with British actor and Sasha Baron Cohen, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich and comedian Chris Rock. But McConaughey, 52, and Harrelson, 60, had opted to venture out alone on Sunday, and both showed off their physiques during the brief outing. 

With summer temperatures soaring across mainland Europe, the two friends peeled off their shirts while making the most of their current holiday in the picturesque city. They were soon joined by McConaughey’s stunning wife Camila Alves, with the Brazilian model occupying her own small inflatable as she sidled up alongside her husband. 

Harrelson’s wife Lara Louise and Rock’s actress girlfriend Lake Bell have also been seen in Croatia during their current stay, although the 43-year-old No Escape star, who has reportedly been dating Rock for several months, was not present on Sunday.

French photographer Jean-René, whose full identity is unconfirmed though he uses his an abbreviation of his initials JR for his professional work, is also believed to be vacationing with the group. 

After initially spending a few days in the the Croatian peninsula of Istria, McConaughey joined Harrelson and his friends aboard a luxury yacht on Friday. Harrelson has an annual tradition of taking vacations with his close-knit group of A-List pals.

In 2018, he posted an Instagram photo in which he was seen in France with , including Rock, McConaughey, Cohen, his wife Isla Fisher and U2 singer Bono.He discussed the trip during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, joking, ‘We all just kinda ran into each other. You know, just moseying around France.’

‘We were all in the south of France at Bono’s,’ he added. ‘I take a “friendship tour” pretty much every year. ‘I thought about calling it a ‘Bender Where I Leech Off My Rich Friends’, but I thought, ‘No, friendship tour!’ You just go, stay at their house, drink oblivious, great!’


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