She’s known for her outspoken personality and no nonsense attitude, often causing a stir on air. And Naga Munchetty appeared to be agitated by her BBC Breakfast co-host Charlie Stayt on Saturday morning as she fumed at him while discussing an item on pigeons.

The pair covered a story on a missing homing pigeon named Bob from Guernsey, who was found 4,000 miles away in Alabama. But as the duo discussed birds during the segment, it jogged their memory of an old song of which they tried to recall the name.

While Charlie was convinced it was ‘Catch the pigeon’, Naga argued that it was ‘Stop the pigeon’. Taking to the BBC Breakfast desk’s keyboard, the latter decided to search the song online to prove her co-host wrong.

As she searched, Charlie explained: ‘I’m humming it in my head and I’m thinking it was catch the pigeon, catch the pigeon,’ to which Naga snapped back ‘It’s stop the pigeon’ as she pointed over to him.

A surprised Charlie explained that he really thought he was right, while Naga rolled her eyes at the camera. But it wasn’t over there, as her co-host stuck to his ground, adding: ‘I still think it’s catch the pigeon’, as the pair spoke over each other.

While they tried to make their points at the same time, Charlie asked Naga to ‘stop for a minute’ as he attempted to address the camera, with the unimpressed host sighing and rolling her eyes to the side of the set.

Taking one last hit, Charlie concluded: ‘Catch the pigeon, isn’t it?’, which led to a furious Naga leaning forward and exclaiming: ‘Well I’ve just told you it’s Stop the pigeon, what else do you want me to say?’ as she gestured at the computer. 

And following the tense on-screen moment, viewers took to Twitter to share their own thoughts on the matter sparking a debate between Stop and Catch the pigeon. They also took the opportunity to comment on the blunder, with many seeing the funny side and referring to the pair ‘like a married couple’.

One wrote: ‘Do they know they’re live? Naga’s body language is hilarious’, while another dubbed the situation ‘pigeon gate’ as they said they were ‘acting like a long married couple’. While another explained that one day Naga will ‘completely unravel live on my telly’, admitting that she is ‘fun’ to watch. 


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