As Australia’s leading sexologist, Chantelle Otten certainly isn’t shy about expressing her kinky side. But the 31-year-old took things to a new level during a wild night out in Sydney with her Australian of the Year boyfriend Dylan Alcott over the weekend.

Before heading out, Chantelle explained she was using the sex toy for Pride month. ‘To celebrate Pride, I decided to try something new to bring me pleasure,’ she told her 170,000 followers.

In a series of Instagram posts, Chantelle boasted about wearing a music-activated vibrator to dinner with tennis star Dylan and several friends. She then had Dylan, who called time on his tennis career after the Australian Open, control the vibrator via an app on his phone, before allowing her friends to touch her crotch so they could feel the buzzing. 

‘This part slips in your knickers,’ she added, while showing off the device. ‘It is designed to sit on the , but after trying, I think it can also sit under the balls for [penis] owners. It’s a really fun toy and can be versatile.’ As they touched the device, Chantelle giggled and writhed around, occasionally gasping and giggling in ecstasy. ‘I’m going to confirm it is fun,’ she captioned the video.

Once seated at the swanky restaurant with the toy placed inside of her, Chantelle flung her head back at the table as she enjoyed the sensations. At one point, both Dylan and one of their friends poked and prodded at her crotch to feel the vibe.

Chantelle and Dylan made their romance public at a tennis event in April 2019, and have been inseparable ever since.Last year, Dylan told Good Weekend magazine he was very nervous before consummating his relationship with Chantelle, given that her entire career is centred around studying the sexual experience.

‘I thought, “You’re doing it with the best!” But we’re both sex-positive. It’s important to me to talk about it,’ the wheelchair athlete explained. Since finding love with Dylan, Chantelle has become a minor celebrity in Australia, racking up endorsement deals and thousands of followers on social media. Last year, she released her first book, The Sex Ed You Never Had, and this week she was named the new brand ambassador for Kérastase hair products.

Dylan was named Australian of the Year in January in recognition of his sporting achievements and inspiring work with disabled Aussies. The tennis star and commentator gave an emotional acceptance speech, sharing how he once ‘hated’ himself for being different but now feels like the luckiest guy in the world. 

‘I was born with a tumour wrapped around my spinal cord that was cut out when I was only a couple of days old,’ the Victorian explained. ‘I’ve known nothing but having a disability. If I’m honest with you, I can’t tell you how much I used to hate myself. I used to hate having a disability. I hated it so much. I hated being different and I didn’t want to be here anymore.

‘But I’m so lucky that I had the best family, some of the best friends, my beautiful partner and my whole team who told me that I was worthy, and that I was allowed to be loved.’ Now he works tirelessly in the community leveraging his status as a professional athlete with 15 Grand Slam wheelchair tennis titles and three time Paralympic gold medals to change the perception around Aussies living with disabilities.

‘I love my disability. It is the best thing that ever happened to me,’ Alcott said. ‘I love the person that I am and the life I get to live and I’m the luckiest guy in this country, easily.’ Back in May, Alcott joined other Aussies honoured with awards on Australia Day who met Queen Elizabeth via video-chat to commemorate the monarch’s 70 years of service. 

During his introduction, Dylan discussed his sporting achievements and showdowns with British tennis stars.  ‘I fortunately won a couple Wimbledon titles and beat some Great Britain players, which I was happy about but maybe you weren’t so happy about,’ he joked.

The cheeky quip was enough to draw a giggle out of the Queen herself. On Tuesday, Dylan appeared on ABC’s current affairs program, 7.30, where he was interviewed by Leigh Sales to delivery an empowering message to young people dealing with disabilities. ‘It’s up to all of us in society to create a space where they feel included,’ he said.


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