Abbie Chatfield has lashed out at Mia Plecic, after the influencer compared vaccine mandates to the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

‘First of all babes, now I’ve said this a million times so I’m not going to go into anti-vaxxing again because it’s a rabbit hole, but lets remember  no one forced you to get vaccinated,’ Abbie said on her podcast, It’s A Lot.   

‘I’m sure you’re still not vaccinated, so you actually aren’t forced, whereas people who get pregnant in the U.S. are now forced to carry to term’.  Abbie continued: ‘Also, abortions aren’t contagious, Covid is and also, you are wilfully misunderstanding the ‘my body, my choice’ slogan’.

‘Stop using our slogan. Stop f***ing using it. I’m sick of your s**t. ‘Babe, the mandates were there for a reason. I don’t know if there’s something wrong [with her] or she’s willfully ignorant or just a bit silly.’ 

Mia Plecic has sparked outrage by comparing Australia’s vaccine mandates to the overturning of Roe v. Wade. The court’s ruling ends the constitutional right to abortion across America, meaning individual states can now decide whether abortion should be legal.

Reacting to the landmark decision on Saturday, Ms Plecic, 30, wrote on Instagram: ‘Why is it okay to be pro-choice about one human right but not the other?’ Many people who oppose Covid vaccine mandates call themselves ‘pro-choice’, borrowing the popular slogan used for decades by advocates for legal abortion.

However, the use of the term in the context of vaccines is highly controversial, with women’s rights activists saying the two issues cannot be compared. ‘The same people who are against freedom of choice with mandates are the same people who are screaming freedom of choice about abortions,’ added Ms Plecic in her post. 

The businesswoman, who made headlines last year for sharing anti-lockdown and anti-vaccine views on social media, continued: ‘It doesn’t work like that. Freedom of choice regardless of your narrative.’

Her ‘pro-choice’ post was soon picked up by Instagram watchdog account Aussie Influencer Opinions, which warned customers of Ms Plecic’s haircare company Slick Hair Co. they were supporting these views by buying her products.

Ms Plecic has since received a wave of backlash online, with major online retailer Showpo reportedly vowing to remove Slick Hair Co. products from its store.  

Aussie Influencer Opinions posted a screenshot purportedly showing an anonymous user messaging Showpo’s official Instagram account asking why the company stocked a product ‘with such a problematic company owner such as Mia Plecic’.

Reacting to Ms Plecic’s Instagram post, one fan exposed the logical fallacy at the heart of her argument with: ‘Covid is contagious and pregnancy is not. Simple really.’ Another agreed: ‘Wow… to compare those VERY DIFFERENT things is just next level. How embarrassing.’

A Showpo customer service representative replied: ‘As a brand we will not be renewing our partnership with Slick Hair Company to stock their products on our website and we’re effectively exiting out of this brand.’

A third Instagram user wrote: ‘Ah yes, because following public health advice to protect the community is the same as forcing women to give birth. Stop supporting these muppets.’

Ms Plecic has since doubled down on her controversial stance, uploading another post on Sunday to thank the ‘500 people’ who had reached out to her to express their agreement. She also used this post to clarify she is pro-choice when it comes to abortion.  


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