Robbie Williams revealed he has ‘already put my name forward’ for the 2023 Eurovision contest during an intimate interview and album playback in London.

However, the singer, 48, has not signed up to represent the UK following former café owner Sam Ryder’s success in coming second but instead hopes to perform during the half time show. In an intimate interview at Leo’s in London’s Dover Street on Monday, the hitmaker detailed how he ‘loves the Eurovision’. 

Ahead of the release of his new record XXV, Robbie opened up about why he wanted to perform on the iconic competition and follow in other famous footsteps. He admitted: ‘I’ve already put my name forward, not for the UK but the half time part.’ 

The program saw a total of 189 million views over it’s two weeks leading up to the final this year with eight million people watching the grand final. The UK was represented by Sam Ryder this year who came runner up to Ukraine’s Kalush. 

Robbie continued: ‘I thought I’ll have a bit of that. No one did it until Justin Timberlake did and Madonna.  ‘I was like I wanna do that like those people. So, I put my name down. I hear it might be in the Ukraine but I’m like I’ll still go! I really love the Eurovision.’

The Queen of pop, Madonna, 63, appeared on the show in Israel in 2019 performing her 1989 hit Like A Prayer and single Future, featuring US rapper Quavo. During the interval act in 2016, Justin, 41, performed his hit song Can’t Stop The Feeling in Sweden.

While speaking on The Graham Norton Show at the time, the hitmaker admitted he said yes to performing before knowing anything about the iconic event.  ‘I thought, “Why not, a lot of people watch it!” It was a lot of fun.’

Robbie is set to release his new album on September 9, which if it bags him his 14th No1 in the UK album charts he will move clear of Elvis Presley, with whom he shares the record for a solo artist.  

During the intimate interview he gave some tactics and tips to the UK on the best way to win the contest.  He added: ‘Its simple get a great song and get someone great to perform it and we won’t come last.’

The singer has recreated his biggest-selling singles from Angels, Let Me Entertain You and Millennium for the new album so they are better than the originals.

He boasted he was ‘well up’ for posing naked on his new album XXV’s raunchy cover as he revealed how he ‘hates’ creating music videos for the hits due to them being really ‘boring’.

Robbie added: ‘I hate making music videos there so boring! I like that they exist but it was all part of an image build at the time. ‘The thing is now I’m me today and I’m going forward onto whatever next is to come which is to tour this album.’

He has a few new tracks on the new album including Lost which made the hitmaker return to his ‘misery and depression’ days to write the song.  Robbie said: ‘I realised I haven’t been as successful since being happy so I’ve had to return to misery and depression [writing Lost].

‘I find that’s where I do my best work. There were moments in the 90s where it was fun and then wasn’t fun and then it was hell.’  The star detailed his old habits of binge drinking and partying which ‘is what the song is really about, that period in my life.’ 


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