The Voice Australia champion Lachie Gill has brushed off claims he won the singing competition because he was the only white contestant in the final four. Many fans on Twitter speculated that ‘white privilege’ buoyed Lachie to victory, and even runner-up Faith Sosene hinted his background made him more appealing to viewers at home.

The Melbourne-based P.E. teacher, 24, told Daily Mail Australia on Monday he understands there will always be ‘doubters’ but he won’t be drawn into a debate about whether or not race played a role in his victory.

‘There are always doubters and I won’t buy into it,’ he said the day after being crowned the winner of the Channel Seven talent show. ‘I’m just really grateful to my fans who voted for me and have shown their support. There are always doubters and I won’t buy into it,’ he added.

‘I want to thank my fans for helping me to fulfil my dreams and ambitions. We all came onto this show wanting to win and I have the utmost respect and love for my fellow contestants. ‘Music has power for us all and I hope to write some tunes that people love.’

It comes after Faith shared an Instagram post that hinted Lachie won because his ethnic background made him ‘perfect’ for Australia. Melbourne P.E. teacher Lachie was the only white finalist in the top four and won the public vote during Sunday night’s season finale.

‘We already knew Australia was gonna love & pick you! You’re simply perfect for them,’ Faith, 25, wrote alongside a photo of Lachie. Tagging fellow finalists Thando Sikwila, 29, and Jordan Tavita, 23, she added: ‘We must work harder for future generations to win. Off to work we go.’

Faith has since edited her Instagram post, deleting the words ‘for them’ so the sentence now reads: ‘You’re simply perfect.’Her reference to ‘working harder for future generations’ has also been deleted. But Faith forgot to update the same post on Facebook, which still contains the original text. Faith and Jordan are of Samoan descent, while fellow finalist Thando is Zimbabwean. Some Twitter users also expressed their belief that Lachie only won because he was white.

‘Surely no one is surprised the pretty white boy won,’ one person tweeted, while someone else added: ‘Lachey won? Sounds about white’. ‘I really hate to say this but there were three next level vocalists on #TheVoiceAU in the final. And the winner wasn’t one of them. Was the only white one though. I truly can’t think of another explanation,’ another wrote.

‘Apparently all you need to win #TheVoiceAU is be a mediocre white man!!’ someone else agreed while one more said: ‘No way. That’s rigged. White boy who fits the suit.’ ‘No surprise there. Three world class vocalists and and one AFL player who plays guitar. Australia gonna vote white,’ another tweeted.

‘Yep a white boy with no voice won The Voice AU. What more could go wrong aye? Stop white washing everything. Stop making us all look bad. We must demand to see all the votes that came in,’ one more chimed in.


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