The devastating news of the death of Erin Jayne Plummer, who hosted advertorials on the program as well as on TVSN, was announced on-air on Monday. “We’ve got some really sad news to share this morning,” host Sarah Harris said. “Over the weekend Studio 10 lost a little bit of its sparkle with our friend and advertorial host Erin Jayne passing away suddenly.

“Now for two decades Erin Jayne’s been a friendly and familiar face on Australian telly and for a lot of that she’s been brightening up our mornings with her bubbly personality and megawatt smile.”After sharing clips of Erin Jayne during her time on Studio 10, host Angela Bishop added her career started when she was plucked from a Sydney beach to star in an international tourism campaign.

She then joined Aerobics Oz Style, which was watched by 40 million people across the world. Erin Jayne is survived by her three daughters and husband. Her cause of death is unknown. Erin told studio 10in 2016 during an Aerobics Oz Style reunion the show aired across 80 countries and believed viewers in colder climates enjoyed starting the day with a view of Sydney’s beaches.

“Erin was just a gorgeous human inside and out, and if it wasn’t for TV, perhaps Erin Jayne might have had a sporting career,” Sarah added.”She represented Australia in synchronised swimming and even surf life saving, and there is no question that Erin Jayne was a high-achiever and certainly a gold-medal mum to her three young girls.

“We will miss your sunshine around the studio Erin Jayne, and all of us here are sending lots of love and strength to her family, You’ll be very missed.”Friends left heartbreaking tributes on Erin Jayne’s Facebook page, saying she was the light of their lives.

“My heart is broken to know you are no longer in this world. It just does not make sense to not have EJ in this world. You are the rarest of gems and you are always in my heart for as long as it is beating,” one devastated friend wrote.

“20 years with you in my life was not enough! I will forever miss your boundless energy, effervescent personality and the incredible light you brought into everyone’s lives who knew you,” another heartbroken friend said.

“You were the most incredible friend always putting everyone else first. You were an amazing mother whose love for her girls was boundless. I’m beyond heartbroken that I will never get the chance to hug you again and tell you how special you are.


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