Jessica Chastain was a vision in hot pink as she reunited with her Scenes From a Marriage star Oscar Isaac. The 45-year-old redhead and her 43-year-old co-star and on-screen husband hit the red carpet before a special screening and conversation at The 92nd Y in New York, and they both even stayed after to sign autographs for fans.

Their reunion came months after their tender red carpet moment for the critically-acclaimed series went viral back in September. The movie star pulled her auburn locks back into a textured updo, putting her beautiful visage on display. He looked great in a soft pink blush and a matte pink lip stain that highlighted her pout. She skipped jewelry, keeping the focus on her bold and bright look outside of 92Y Studios in NYC.

Underneath her outer layer, which had two large front pockets, she wore a crisp white button-up shirt. Isaac opted for a dark blue pinstriped suit with a dark blue shirt and no tie for the New York City event. He sported a salt-and-pepper beard with a silver watch peeking out from his suit coat.

The actor completed his look with matching blue pinstriped pants and shiny black dress shoes. Oscar’s look Isaac opted for a dark blue pinstriped suit with a dark blue shirt and no tie for the New York City event .Back in September, Chastain and Isaac hit the red carpet at the Venice International Film Festival, when one of their exchanges with Isaac kissing her inner arm going viral.

Chastain commented on the moment on The Today Show, stating, ‘We’re acting, but also Oscar and I have been friends  we went to college together  so we’ve been friends more than half of our lives, and we know so much about each other.’

She also joked, ‘Let me just say, though, this is a slow-motion video, and everybody is super sexy in slow motion.’ ‘I think it was really funny because when you look at it in regular speed, I’m looking straight ahead and he looks over at me. He just kind of goes to give me a peck on my elbow, and at the same time, I’m going to give him a hug. So all of a sudden, his face ends up in my armpit,’ she added.

Keeping busy, the Juilliard graduate recently completed filming The Good Nurse, about serial killer Charles Cullen who allegedly murdered as many as 300 patients in 16 years while working as a nurse.She currently has two other films in pre-production. The first, The Division, is set in an apocalyptic near-future where a team of professionals is sent in to save as many people as they can from a deadly virus in New York City.

The other movie, Mothers’ Instinct, follows two men living charmed lives until a tragic accident completely uproots everything they hold near and dear. Fellow Oscar winner Anne Hathaway will work with Chastain on that movie.


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