Erin Molan’s daughter Eliza was rushed to hospital early Thursday morning after she struggled to breathe in the middle of the night. Molan, 38, revealed on her 2Day FM breakfast show she had called an ambulance at 4am after the three-year-old couldn’t breathe. ‘We went to bed and Eliza was fine but a few times during the night she woke up saying her throat was sore,’ she explained. ‘But then at 4am this morning, she woke up and she couldn’t breathe. She doesn’t have asthma or anything so I called Triple Zero.’

Molan said an ambulance eventually arrived and took them both to hospital, where doctors confirmed Eliza had suffered a croup attack. ‘It’s really scary as a mum not to know how to help her,’ she added.‘I was alone with her as well. Sean , her father, is a policeman so he’s really good in emergencies but it’s not really my strength.’ Croup is a childhood condition that makes it difficult to breathe, and causes a hoarse voice and barking cough.

It affects the windpipe, airways to the lungs and the voice box. Molan and Ogilvy announced their split in September 2021, saying they remained committed to co-parenting their daughter. ‘Some personal news, Sean and I have separated,’ she said in a statement confirming their break-up. ‘We are entirely committed to co-parenting our three-year-old daughter, who is the most important person in the world to both of us. ‘Any breakdown of a family  unit is incredibly difficult and we ask for privacy at this time  especially given the private approach that we have taken to our relationship.

‘We won’t be making any further comment.’ Molan and Ogilvy had been engaged since April 2017. The former NRL commentator had announced their engagement while hosting Nine’s The Footy Show, and later revealed she was expecting her first child on the program in December 2017.

The couple welcomed daughter Eliza in early June 2018. In May 2021, just months before their split, Molan told Stellar magazine she had a ‘great relationship’ with Ogilvy, but preferred to keep things private. ‘Every relationship has its ups and downs, but we’re great,’ she told the publication. ‘I don’t post pictures of Sean because he’s a fairly private person and that’s not the way we show affection, or the way we are committed to each other.’


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