The 28-year-old emerged as the ‘villain’ this season after discovering a nude photo of rival bride Domenica Calarco and sharing it among the cast outing her as an Only Fans model. Speaking to Woman’s Day this week, Liv  who confirmed she’d lost her job in March admitted she’d ‘had a few job interviews that hadn’t gone the best’ in recent weeks.  ‘I’ll work anywhere that will give me a job. Kmart, hit me up!’ she said.

Olivia added that as the backlash from critics and trolls continues to ‘die down’, she’s now focused on ‘trying to get back out there in civilisation’. ‘Every interview I’ve done has been fair, and I’ve had the interview based on my resume and merits, and I think I should have a job based on my skills and accomplishments,’ she said.

She added that becoming a teacher is her ‘ultimate goal’, but she doesn’t know if any schools will take her on this year amid the scandal. ‘I’ll work anywhere that will give me a job. Kmart, hit me up!’ she said. Pictured after her stint on the show

Olivia said similar words during a recent Instagram live session, admitting: ‘I want to be a teacher so bad, it’s my passion. ‘I think right now it’s just gonna be more of a long term goal rather than a near future, which is a shame. But, it’s what happens.’

The bride, who is still dating her on-screen husband Jackson Lonie, revealed she had lost her job on 2Day FM’s Hughesy, Ed & Erin back in March. ‘I’ve already lost my job as a direct result of this show,’ she told the hosts, who then asked her if she ‘regretted’ going on MAFS in the first place.

‘I don’t as I’ve got some beautiful girlfriends from it… and I don’t, as I’ve got Jackson’ she replied. While Olivia was originally portrayed as the innocent bride who could do no wrong, the tide turned after a bitter feud erupted between her and rival bride Domenica.

The show hit new levels of drama in March when Dom smashed a wine glass in anger after clashing with Olivia at the couples’ retreat. And their feud deepened after Olivia embellished parts of the story while explaining to the other cast members what happened.

‘She got up and stood over me and smashed her wine glass and then proceeded to wave the broken glass in my face while she stood over me and screamed,’ Olivia said, waving her hands dramatically. This altercation led to an even bigger scandal when Liv got her revenge by ‘outing’ Domenica as an Only Fans model.

Olivia reportedly asked her friends to ‘dig up dirt’ on her rival, which resulted in the discovery of a nude photo she had posted on Twitter on January 2, 2021. Domenica had shared the image on her public Twitter profile to promote her OnlyFans account, which has since been deleted.

The photo quickly spread through the MAFS cast via WhatsApp, and was addressed at the first dinner party following the couples’ retreat. Domenica was humiliated to learn her co-stars knew about her OnlyFans account and had seen her naked, and eventually broke down in tears.


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