The Bachelor’s Snezana Markoski, 41, has given birth to her third daughter with husband Sam Wood,  a girl named Harper Jones. Sam announced the news on Sunday, uploading a photo gallery of Snezana and himself posing with Harper, as well as a caption detailing his wife’s health scare immediately after to giving birth. Posting a photo of Snezana lying in the hospital with newborn Harper, Sam wrote: ‘So here’s a story from the last 5 days On Wednesday May 4th, one month early we welcomed Harper Jones Wood to the world.’ 

’30 minutes after this photo was taken. Snez became sick. Really sick and before we knew it Harper was off to the special care unit and Mum was into ICU.’ ‘Of course in true Snez mum fashion, her only thoughts were for her little baby and it was breaking her heart that she couldn’t hold her,’ he said. 

Sam explained that Snezana and Harper were both struck down by an infection, and forced to separate for five days. ‘After finding an infection that both Snez and Harper had picked up and some incredible care from the nurses and doctors they were reunited yesterday and both doing well. Swipe across to see the video of being reunited. Dad crying, oh it was soooo beautiful,’ he wrote.

‘Keep swiping to see all of the girls terrorising mum in her hospital room for Mothers Day this morning.’ ‘As a dad I love my girls more than anything in this world but there truly is no bond like that of Mother and child.’ Sam wrapped up the post, ‘ you really are the strongest and most beautiful person I know and like you, thank god the force is strong in little Harper.’ The accompanying photos showed a tired but happy Snezana finally holding her newborn girl. 

Snezana already shares daughters Charlie, two, and Willow, three, with her husband of four years. She is also mother 16-year-old Eve from a previous marriage. Snezana met Sam on The Bachelor in 2015, and they announced in November they were expecting another daughter together.‘Filled with joy to share that we are expecting another little girl. Baby number four,’ she wrote on Instagram at the time.


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