Married At First Sight star Domenica Calarco is having the last laugh in her bitter feud with castmate and rival Olivia Frazer. After Olivia called Domenica ‘white trash’ during a couple’s retreat on the show earlier this year, the makeup artist is now proudly running with the title.

Domenica took a subtle and cheeky swipe at Olivia, 27, this week by sharing a picture of herself on her Instagram stories, along with a white love heart and a trash can emoji. The bride wars continue! Married At First Sight star Domenica Calarco took a swipe at rival Olivia Frazer this week over THAT ‘white trash’ comment. She shared a picture of herself on her Instagram stories with a white love heart and a trash can emoji the image, Dom stuns in a backless orange minidress.

During a couple’s retreat on Married At First Sight earlier this year, Olivia called Dom ‘white trash’ after she smashed a glass on a table during a heated showdown. Domenica then revealed during a radio interview with Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa that she ‘100 percent’ regrets smashing the glass.

‘I wish I’d never broken the glass. That was never my intention. I never wanted to do that. It was it was really like I had reached my boiling point. And I think everyone does have their breaking point and that was mine,’ she said.

Olivia was labeled public enemy No. 1 on this year’s season of MAFS after her feud with the rival bride. Domenica was given a sympathetic edit after being outed as an OnlyFans model by Olivia, who in turn was portrayed as mean-spirited and vindictive.

However, sources have confirmed to Daily Mail Australia this did not tell the full story. Last month, one of the show’s participants broke ranks to reveal Domenica’s behavior during filming was just as bad as Olivia’s. Cody Bromley said the feud between the warring brides could ‘easily’ have been edited to make Domenica the villain, adding: ‘There were no heroes or villains.’

‘It’s a shame. The edit could have gone either way with the whole Domenica and Olivia thing,’ he said.‘The edit could have easily made Dom look like the villain and Liv look like the hero, but it didn’t pan out like that.‘It’s just a shame to see that there is that divide and a lot of people being nasty.’


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