The New Zealand-born star, 26, joined the adult content-sharing website on March 19, and pocketed an estimated $33,000 in subscription fees in her first weekend. But during a recent interview on the Carton & Roberts podcast, Storm clarified that she’s in no way sharing ‘porn’ to her account, and instead posts a plethora of ‘sexy’ photos to keep her legion of fans happy. 

 ‘It’s not exactly porn, what I am doing,’ she said. ‘I think you’ve got the wrong idea. Yeah, I don’t do porn. I take sexy photos and post them at a price, that’s all I do.’She said that she doesn’t think there’s ‘anything wrong with ’, but said that’s ‘just not what I do.’

 ‘Not that there’s anything wrong with being a porn star, but I don’t do porn.’OnlyFans is a subscription-based adult website where content can range from something as innocent as a suggestive selfie, all the way to hardcore pornography.

When asked if she had a conversation with her friends and family before joining the page, Storm added: ‘I mean, I didn’t have to have a conversation with anyone, to be honest. ‘I just kind of do my thing, my family, and friends, and everyone I know is kind of in full support – I don’t really see the need to ask permission or anything.’

Storm  who is selling subscriptions for $20 per month  raked in about $10,000 in the first hour alone, and her posts have been inundated with thousands of likes.Her decision to join OnlyFans came three years after she was at the centre of a nude photo scandal.

In 2019, hackers leaked an explicit video and nude photos of Storm online, prompting the wrestler to temporarily delete her social media accounts.At the time, SmackDown General Manager Saraya-Jade Bevis  shared her support for Storm.

 ‘It’s gonna be hard and people are gonna be mean because they don’t understand. But you’re a strong, talented woman. You’ll get through this. Your future is too bright to be dimmed.’Paige once had a sex tape leaked on social media – an incident which she later said made her feel suicidal.

At least 15 past and present WWE wrestlers have had intimate photos and videos shared online without their permission, including superstar Hulk Hogan.

Storm was reportedly ‘let go’ by WWE upon her request in late December, after not being utilised on the main roster.Her feud with Charlotte Flair also apparently prompted Storm to walk out, after the women were pitted against each other in an embarrassing live ‘pie-throwing fight’.

The athlete, who is currently still bound by WWE’s 90-day non-compete clause, has not yet revealed whether she plans to join another wrestling company.Storm was born in New Zealand but grew up on Queensland’s Gold Coast, and made her wrestling debut at age 13. 

She moved to the UK to chase her wrestling dream and attended WWE try-outs in 2014 and 2015.‘My mum was on her own with me and my little sister so we didn’t have much,’ she previously told News Corp of her upbringing.‘So because she couldn’t afford the fees, what she’d do is go to each show and help sell hot dogs and drinks and for that they agreed to train me for free,’ Storm added.

‘Going out to the ring is like walking off a cliff but you’re still there and alive. It’s such a thrill and I wouldn’t change it for the world.’Toni is engaged to American wrestler Joseph Ryan Robinson, better known by his ring name Juice Robinson. 


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