Stan Original series Bump has spawned a spin-off show called Year Of. Claudia Karvan, who stars in and produces Bump, revealed details of the new series at a TV industry conference in Queensland last week, reports Variety Australia.

Year Of will be set in the same inner-city Sydney high school as Bump, but will follow a new cast of characters, the show’s creators said. Bump, a comedy-drama about teenage pregnancy, was one of the most popular and critically acclaimed shows on Stan upon its debut in 2021.

Year Of will be filmed at a high school in Glebe, near Sydney’s CBD.The storylines will explore conflicts stemming from the recent gentrification of working-class areas in the inner city, where teenagers who live in $12million homes mix with housing commission kids.Meanwhile, production on season three of Bump is under way.  

Claudia said at the Screen Forever conference that fans can expect a ‘massive rug-pull’ with some of the upcoming storylines. The actress-producer plays the role of Angie Davis, the mother of teen mum Oly Davis-Chalmers .She stars opposite Angus Sampson, who plays her estranged husband Dom.

Last September, Claudia spoke to Daily Mail Australia about the difficulties of shooting season two of Bump in the middle of the Covid pandemic.‘People had to be moved out of their locked down LGAs, regular testing, it was very difficult to access locations,’ she said.She explained that everyone on set was ‘really conscientious’ about having a safe environment. 

‘It was still a bit of a shame; you don’t get to go out and have a drink or have dinner after work. There’s no socialising, and this kind of work is quite social,’ she said.Seasons one and two of Bump are available to stream on Stan


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