The 33-year-old actress is married to fellow movie star Michael Fassbender but she’s also attracted to some of her friends.Alicia  who has Mark, eight months, with Michael – shared: “I am really attracted to them. Very often, when I see them, I’m like, ‘Woah, she’s so impressive!’

“With all my closest girlfriends, I had that first love moment and I said to myself, ‘I need to be with that person.’ It’s another kind of love.“I’ve never wanted to go to bed with a woman, but I’ve definitely had a spark and a magic and a rawness that is intense.”

Alicia and Michael tied the knot in 2017, after they met while filming ‘The Light Between Oceans’.But the brunette beauty  who now lives in Lisbon with her husband  admits she struggled “for a while” to get pregnant.

Alicia told the new issue of Britain’s Harper’s Bazaar magazine: “I tried to get pregnant for a while. So I had tough times during lockdown. I struggled for a while.”The ‘Tomb Raider’ star rarely discusses her personal life in public. But she’s happy to make an exception on this one issue because “it’s universal”.

She explained: “I kind of stopped and thought, ‘Am I going to talk about this?’ But I think it’s universal and so many women go through similar things. And it’s tough.”However, it wasn’t until she reached her 30th birthday that Alicia wanted to have kids.

The actress said: “I didn’t think I even wanted children, actually, until I was 30.”Alicia admits she’s changed in “every way” since having a baby boy.She added: “It’s life. It’s so profound.”The new issue of Harper’s Bazaar UK goes on sale on April 7.


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