Rapper Wonwoo, who is part of the South Korean group Seventeen, lost his mother on Wednesday, April 6. PLEDIS Entertainment released a statement, announcing the tragic loss. His mother died due to an illness that she was battling.

 WONWOO is currently at the funeral hall, and the funeral will be held with family and close friends. We ask for your kind consideration and support so that WONWOO can have a period of mourning with his family. May she rest in peace .”

According to a report , the statement read, “Obituary  Mother of SEVENTEEN Member WONWOOHello. This is PLEDIS Entertainment. SEVENTEEN member WONWOO’s mother passed away this morning from an illness.

Wonwoo also has a younger brother Jeon Bohyuk. Singer Joshua, who has worked with Wonwoo, has spent time extensively with his family. Since Joshua is from America, he was often homesick after coming to Korea and Wonwoo’s family took care of him and made him feel at home. In fact, Wonwoo’s mother bonded with Joshua’s mother as well.

 “For Wonwoo, our parents are close. My mother and Wonwoo’s mother are very close because my mother is not here. She is in America,” Joshua told koreaoboo.com some time back. He added that Wonwoo’s mother really took care of him.

Wonwoo has been part of music videos such as ‘Wonder Boy’, ‘Face’, ‘Venus’ and ‘My Copy Cat’. He has also done many TV shows such as ‘Show! Music Core’, ‘M Countdown’ and ‘KCON 2018 JAPAN’. The band SEVENTEEN is known for many albums including ‘17 Carat’, ‘Love & Letter’, ‘Director’s Cut’ and ‘We Make You’.


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