Paris Hilton stepped out on the Grammys carpet in Las Vegas covered in jewels. The DJ and heiress wore a sheer cape dress adorned with silver gems, atop a nearly transparent gown with metallic details. Consider this the princess version of a naked dress. She styled her blonde hair up into a very Barbie ponytail to complete the look.

In August, Hilton spoke to Delishabout the difference between who she is privately and her public “dumb rich blonde” persona. “That character, it was something that I developed because of really traumatic experiences at these boarding schools…almost a protective shell, or a mask, to live in this fantasy world and portray this perfect life,” she said.

“I think it was a coping mechanism. Doing that character, I ended up creating a huge empire and now I know exactly what I’m doing.”

Of course I know what Walmart is. I knew everything, I knew what I was doing on that show,” she said, alluding to when she asked a rural family if Walmart sold walls on The Simple Life.

 “maybe I don’t know what some cooking utensils are that part’s real. From being on camera for so long and portraying that character, anytime a camera is around, I revert back to that. Because I’m a naturally shy person, it makes it easier for me to be that bubbly character.”

Of Carter, she said, “He’s like no one I’ve ever met in my life before, the first person that I’ve let into my heart that I trust completely.

He’s my biggest supporter and just lifts me up and makes me feel so safe. It’s just amazing to finally feel what real love is. I don’t think I ever experienced it before.”


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