Bachelor star Abbie Chatfield has revealed she is moving in with her boyfriend, Konrad Bień-Stephen. The star took to Instagram to make the announcement while sharing a photo of herself with Konrad. 

Abbie Chatfield has revealed she is moving in with boyfriend Korad Bień-Stephen  after admitting something had ‘gone wrong’ with their open relationship Konrad then shared the photo to his own Instagram before writing: ‘Love this amazing woman.’ 

The big step comes after Abbie previously said she’d make Konrad sign a ‘pre-de facto’ contract before they move in, likening it to a pre-nuptial agreement. 

Speaking on her Hit FM show, Hot Nights with Abbie Chatfield earlier this month, the influencer revealed, ‘when I move in with Konrad, he’s signing something to say that he doesn’t have any of my money  I’m, like, getting lawyers this week,’ she explained.

httpShe added: ‘If you’re de facto, right, someone can take half your property or whatever or your net worth.’ The news comes after Abbie glumly admitted something had ‘gone wrong’ in her open relationship with Konrad. 

Abbie said on her radio show last week that she was annoyed her boyfriend had slept with two other women.However, she hadn’t been with anyone else. ‘Everyone’s going to be very happy, but something’s gone wrong,’ she confessed. ‘Well, it’s not gone wrong. Everyone’s waiting for the demise .’

 ‘So obviously being open means we can sleep with other people. Unfortunately, I’m not doing the second part. So I’m being monogamous!’ she said.Abbie explained that while she wanted to have sex with other people, her hectic schedule and growing fame had made it difficult for her to find a suitable partner.

‘I wanted to and I still want to, but the issue is Konrad is the only one that seems to be able to get laid around here,’ she laughed with her co-host Rohan Edwards.   ‘He’s a good-looking bloke,’ Rohan said, to which Abbie replied: ‘But I’m hot!’

She continued: ‘I’m over it. I’m so busy. It’s been how long, four months? I’m so busy and also I find it really hard to find people I want to sleep with and that don’t know who I am. And when I go out, Rohan, people just take photos of me the whole time.

Abbie concluded by saying it was likely she’d failed to find a match because she hadn’t been out without Konrad in a while. Speaking on her podcast It’s a Lot in February, Abbie revealed she and Konrad, 31, had agreed to go non-exclusive after three months of dating.‘Everyone, mummy and daddy aren’t breaking up. We’re just having a different structure to our relationship,’ she explained. 


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