The 57year old actress  who has Coco, 17, with her ex-husband David Arquette  believes that women of a certain age “go through a lot”.She said: “I think that women probably go through a lot more than people realise  I mean, between menopause, depression, being a mom to teenagers.

Courtney told the ‘Backstage’ podcast: “There’s not that many great things that come, I think, anyone’s way.“I just absolutely adore Sharon Horgan, and I’ve worked with [producer and writer] Jeff Astrof, who is so talented, and I read it and just thought, this is such a layered character, I’ve never played something so real and funny and scary.

“I think that, yeah, I think that we do go through a lot.”Courtney remains best-known for playing Monica Geller in the hit TV sitcom ‘Friends’.But the actress has also relished starring in the horror-comedy series ‘Shining Vale’, admitting it was unlike anything she’s done before.

The actress has been been dating Johnny since 2013, and she revealed the things she loves about the 45-year-old star.Courteney  who was married to David between 1999 and 2013 said: “He’s a great advice-giver. I love his heart, his intentions. His morals. He’s extremely talented and obviously musical, but he’s a poet and a writer.“He’s just so smart, and I find that really sexy. And then he is gorgeous.”

“It was just a really layered character that I haven’t ever played before and has so many things to do throughout the series.”Meanwhile, Courteney recently hailed her boyfriend Johnny McDaid, admitting she finds his intelligence to be “really sexy”.


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