The 35-year-old actress  who is best known for playing Penelope Featherington in ‘Bridgerton’  has stepped back from the micro-blogging platform in a bid to protect her mental health.

She said: “When you become a known person, you’re like the weird teacher saying, ‘I’m still in on the joke!’ And they go: ‘You’re not any more. Actually, all this stuff is wrong with you.’ Most people are not trying to be cruel, and I would hate to completely shut down that dialogue. But your mental health has to come first.”Nicola previously took to social media to fire back at her critics.

The actress struggled to deal with reading “thousands of opinions” online.She said at the time: “If you have an opinion about my body please, please don’t share it with me  It’s really hard to take the weight of thousands of opinions on how you look being sent directly to you every day. ”

Nicola thought long and hard about the post before putting it online.She explained to the Observer newspaper: “I’m not naive enough to think I can change trolls; it was more people just offering comments that they felt were fine. But, actually, that’s worse to me.”

 “If I want to turn around and become a  bodybuilder, if I want to shave my head or cover myself in tattoos, I’m going to do that  If I had a role to play, like, an Olympic gymnast, I will alter my body for that part, if that’s the part I want to play.”

Nicola also insists she won’t allow her critics to dictate to her.The TV star now wants people to focus on her acting in the coming weeks and months.She said: “I don’t want people to think that they own that part of me.


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