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Director James Gunn has rekindled conversations regarding the potential for R-rated films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, saying that he accepts such a project is unavoidable. Gunn first burst onto the superhero blockbuster scene with his breakout 2014 film, Guardians of the Galaxy. His prosperity with the Guardians prepared for the writer/director’s central role in ensuing MCU portions, just as his current partnership with DC for their forthcoming R-rated movie The Suicide Squad. Despite the fact that Gunn has recently expressed exhaustion with superhero films, his knowledge into the industry has established him as a prominent voice in the superhero film discourse.

In a recent interview with IndieWire, Gunn guaranteed that he is “practically sure that [Marvel Studios] will” release a R-rated MCU film. While he actually thinks a few properties (like his own Guardians of the Galaxy series) ought to retain a PG-13 rating, Gunn certainly accepts that there is room for grittier storytelling with certain characters. Look at the director’s full remarks underneath:

I figure they will, I figure they will, I’m practically sure they will [make a R-rated MCU film].

Not “Guardians” however, in light of the fact that “Guardians” are family films, so it’s different. Individuals resemble, “At last, they let you do R rating. What might ‘Guardians’ resemble if that was R rated?” I’m similar to, “Yet it’s not.”

I could go off and make a Drax film that is R-rated, that I couldn’t imagine anything better than to do, similar to barbarian Drax. Yet, the “Guardians” motion pictures are tales, and I don’t consider them like that. I don’t write them like that. It’s a different kind of film, and you can have some gore and some scary darkness in there and things like that, which is acceptable, however it’s not the rock and roll of “Suicide Squad.”

Gunn’s assertions shouldn’t come as a gigantic surprise, particularly on the grounds that Marvel head Kevin Feige already confirmed some time back that the MCU’s continuation of the Deadpool movies would remain R-rated. In any case, it’s reassuring to realize that more grown-up oriented movies are as yet on the studio’s radar. While a R-rating isn’t at all demonstrative of a given film’s quality, the way that the studio is considering them shows that they are not overly hesitant to go amiss from the standard formula.

R-rated blockbusters have historically been a bet for film studios. By gearing a film toward grown-ups, studios lose a significant percentage of their possible pay from children and youthful adolescents who aren’t permitted to join in. However, R-rated films have gotten substantially more lucrative in the previous decade with films like Fifty Shades of Gray, Logan, and It becoming worldwide commercial triumphs. DC already shut Marvel to down with R-rated interpretations of their properties, with 2019’s Joker just as Gunn’s forthcoming The Suicide Squad. If the MCU goes with the same pattern – which Gunn is adamant will occur – fans will have a ton of new stories to anticipate.


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