The 84 year old actor insisted he has no desire to jet around the globe in his advanced years because he’s already visited the places he’s wanted to see over the years. Speaking to Jamie Laing and Spencer Matthews on their ‘6 Degrees’ podcast, he said: “I’ve been around the world once.

“I’m too old. I’ve done all the travelling I particularly want to do.“There’s no place that I want to go to anymore that I haven’t already been to.” Morgan famously played Red in 1994 classic movie ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ but admitted he wouldn’t be able to break out of prison in real life because he isn’t brave enough.

He said: “I lack the courage. IT would take an enormous amount of physical labour to dig your way out of a prison, so I would be in a prison for life.”Meanwhile, the ‘Bruce Almighty’ star recently insisted he has no plans to retire but acknowledged it may be forced on him when offers of work eventually dry up.

He said: “I’d cut off one of my fingers if he required it. I have spoken with him. I’ve been in his company. I’ve practically genuflected telling him. ‘I’m a big, big, big fan, if ever there was anything you think you might want me to try and do, just whistle.’ ” 


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