Good chemistry is rarely seen but it is an omnipotent, magic ingredient that empowers most successful relationships. History is a witness to such successful relationships. However, chemistry itself cannot act as a fuel for the powerful pairs. The secret to every dynamic duo is a foundation of trust and transparent communication. The same goes with becoming partners with a good PR agency. Having understood this, ASTNT Media, a subsidiary of ASTNT Technologies Pvt. Ltd. founded by young and visionary entrepreneur Akhilendra Sahu, has decided to rope in Examplad Media to function as their official PR partner.

ASTNT Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a leading IT and digital marketing company with several sub-companies under its name. Established in 2019, it has managed to carve a name for itself in the digital marketing realm. Known for its excellence in digital marketing across brand awareness, lead generation, and online sales, ASTNT Technologies has put many brands and businesses on the right track to success through its wisely crafted digital marketing campaigns. The media publications under ASTNT Media help them to reach a wider audience and better penetrate the market.

Now, ASTNT Media had signed a new deal with Examplad Media to assist in the PR tasks of their clients. As a result, Examplad Media will assist in handling the social media aspect of clients right from maintaining a company’s blog, Twitter, and Facebook page to handling press releases, press conferences, and media appearances. With Examplad Media by its side, ASTNT Media now has a team of professionals on its side that will handle each aspect of a client’s public relations campaign. Examplad Media’s team of PR ninjas will be responsible for handling the social media, media coverage, branding, and press releases of their clients while they successfully run their businesses.

Examplad Media is an expert when it comes to knowing and using all of the public relations tools available to generate attention for its clients. It has an array of tools in its pockets such as pitches, press releases, media kits, media interviews, seminars, webinars, social media, magazines, and more.  They know how to use each tool to their client’s benefit. By bringing in the extra muscle, ASTNT Media has brought someone who can be more objective and doesn’t have the emotional commitment and blinders that a business owner or company employee has. 

Examplad Media is also highly creative in developing story ideas and teasers to induce the media and can think outside the corporate box.  It monitors the news regularly and often sees opportunities that others don’t.  With this deal, ASTNT Media now will not only save money and time but will also have the extra expertise in employing the tools needed for the success of their client’s public relations campaigns.

Both Examplad Media and ASTNT Media think of all public relations contingencies including when disaster strikes a client and how to begin planning for any event. Clients always have a plan for when a crisis strikes in how to handle things except in the terms of publicity.  Working such a strong PR duo means a preliminary crisis communications plan has been developed beforehand that can then be altered to fit the crisis.  The PR ninjas working at both companies have the skills and experience to objectively evaluate your business, clearly assess its strengths and weaknesses, and figure out how to use them in crisis communications.


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