Pattaya, Thailand, September 24th 2022: On the occasion of the first year anniversary of their utility token, VIPS, and the CEO’s birthday, the CEO announced the release of its launchpad and IEO platform (Initial Exchange Offering). 

The most recent method of raising money for cryptocurrencies is through initial exchange offerings or IEOs. In an IEO, the crypto project gives tokens to a marketplace like Binance or VIPS Finstock, and the marketplace manages the majority of the crowd sale specifics. 

During its announcement, the CEO talked about the increasing interest in crypto projects in IEOs and saw it as an opportunity to give back to society. He believes while growing as an entity in such a market, it feels great to be able to provide a boost for similar hard-working crypto projects. This can assist potential investors in making a well-informed choice or allow them to see which IEOs are available on exchanges where they already have an account.

What is VIPS Finstock?

VIPS Finstock is India’s fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchange platform with a user base of ten lakh+ verified users. They are renowned for their standout qualities, which include first-rate security, an intuitive user interface, quick customer service, easy transfer of funds from bank accounts to cryptocurrency wallets, and—most importantly—additional utility features. The business has been operating since January 2022. Within a year, they have completed most of their tasks and are prepared to explore deeper into the industry. 

Furthermore, the VIPS token is the native utility token of the VIPS Finstock Exchange Platform and its ecosystem. The token is an open-source network and based on Binance Smart Chain (BEP 20). It is the gateway to all the utilities our exchange platform has to offer.

Suppose you want to make a payment, pay your bills, buy more crypto assets by trading, or earn a passive income with the help of tokens you earn. In that case, all of this and much more can be completed through the VIPS token. With VIPS tokens, you can enjoy faster transactions, add to the network’s security, or even trade to buy more diverse assets and enjoy additional utilities. 

VIPS Finstock Launchpad

With the initiation of IEO, the company aims to provide promotional activities, which include promotion via social media channels, Instagram reels, YouTube videos, Twitter and Telegram airdrops, giveaways, and much more. 

On the company’s IEO list, there are two companies already listed and ready to be benefited from their promotional activities. The first one to list is the MEXONX Token, founded by Mr Sachin Kadage and Mr Nishikant Partl. MEXONX token is a DeFi token hosted on the BEP 20 Binance Blockchain. It was introduced with a strong emphasis on decentralization and scalability, giving users total privacy. MEXONX token’s primary goal is to solve the issues with conventional currencies by giving currency holders control and accountability. The five characteristics and three functions of money are upheld by all the tokens and aim to solve more than one real-world problem. 

The second is the GSGT token of the company Green Spirit Global, founded by Mr Sarfaraz Khan and Mr Rahul Gaikwad. GreenSpiritGlobal Green Energy token(GSGT) aims at fostering IoT, sustainable and renewable energy investments, thus, working towards a greener world. The GSGT token is the world’s first green energy utility token and is a reward for the most environmentally and socially sound systems. 

These upcoming projects only mark the beginning of VIPS Finstock’s IEO development, promoting more exciting projects to catch the spotlight. 

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