ASTNT Media (New Delhi): Saigan Group, which includes companies dealing with government’s infrastructure projects, co-founded by Mr Abhimanyu Pratap Singh Tyagi. The company has been trusted with projects like Maharani Laxmi Bai College, a hospital in Jhansi. Currently, they are engaged with highway projects in Madhya Pradesh. Initially, Late Mr Neeraj Tyagi founded Sai Construction in 1986. Whatever Late Mr Neeraj Tyagi built is being taken care of by his righteous son Abhimanyu Pratap SinghTyagi. His vision is to take this dream to a new height in a couple of years. 

In 2021 he also Joined a Startup initiative Maytree School of Entrepreneurship as co-founder with Rohit Kashyap and within one year that startup was valued at over 20 CR. Soon they are planning to raise $4M dollars in Seed around after raising 2 Crores in Pre-seed.

How did the idea of the Saigan Group come to reality?

 As stated earlier, Later Mr Neeraj Tyagi founded Sai Construction in 1986. He was the founder of the company. He was a student of NIT, Surathkal, Mangalore, Karnataka and an excellent engineer by profession. He has worked in many parts of the country. He had the ability to run the company and finish the projects in every situation possible. Late Mr Neeraj Tyagi is an inspiration for his son. He was very humble. He was a deferential and self-effacing personality. He was modest in his way of working. He always made sure to create an employee-friendly environment which has assured some faithful and valuable employees working for more than 20 years and still counting. He had a stable approach towards the goal which has resulted in a journey of progress with a strong foundation. He had many more milestones to reach but he couldn’t due to an unfortunate event. His son has taken the responsibility to fulfil his duty towards Late Mr Neeraj Tyagi who is not just a father but also a guide, an inspiration and an idol for Mr Abhimanyu. After returning from London, he saw his father working hard with determination diligently towards his goal which allowed him to join his father and take the group to a whole new level. 

How did Mr Abhimanyu contribute to the Saigan Group?

Before Mr Abhimanyu Pratap Singh Tyagi got involved in the company, it had everything except the touch of new technology and fresh ideas of the market. But when he came back, he used his education in upgrading the policies and brought a new perspective with him in the company. He upgraded the old system followed by the company with his new way of working through different evaluation and new approaches towards the project. The up-gradation of new techniques helped the company to fight in a modified race. With a touch of Abhimanyu’s intelligence, the company is on its way to being in its best possible version for now. He is giving this goal a new direction. 

Educational Background of Mr Abhimanyu.

Abhimanyu Pratap Singh Tyagi after completing his B.Com Honours from Delhi University in 2010, pursued a dual degree i.e MBA specializing in Finance and a Masters in Economics from the Indian Institute of Planning and Management from 2010 to 2012. In 2012 he went for a credit course from the London School Of Economics which was an Inter College Course for six months doing Foundation of Management and Bargaining and negotiations. He had also attended the Summer School with the institute.  

How did Mr Abhimanyu come out of his difficult time?

Four days after his wedding, his parents passed away in a car crash in July 2020 and his sister was in the hospital for three months. It was a devastating experience but with a strong will he has come up as a leader who is willing to fulfil his duties towards his family, father’ dream and the company. With his ideology of maintaining an equilibrium of experience and new ideas, he is moving ahead with a dream on his shoulders. He says “there is a phase when youth is meeting the experience, there are many conflicts. You don’t follow the same ideologies on a daily basis. But there should be a balance between the elder and younger generation, in a family-oriented business.” Abhimanyu, like his father, believes in stable progress. Constant hard work towards the goal will ensure success is one of the ideas that has been passed down to him from his father. 

What is the future plan of the group?

After paying tribute to their beloved visionary Late Mr Neeraj Tyagi, the Saigan group with its obvious strong spirit is all set to venture for the journey ahead. They are bidding for new projects currently. Abhimanyu’s goal is to cross multi-dollar turnover by 2023. Currently, they have been in touch with government portals and identifying the tenders in Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. The company will start bidding next month in July for various tenders in Madhya Pradesh and is hopeful.


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