Simeon of Bulgaria is the only monarch who has stood for and won an election . “There was a time when perhaps the King would have won them in Spain to appear,” speculates a person who worked for him. But Juan Carlos de Borbón did not want to govern for four years, as happened to the exrey of Bulgaria, who lost the following elections, but to perpetuate his dynasty in the Headquarters of the State.

The principles could not be less promising. In late Franco Spain, the monarchists were an exotic sect that made a pilgrimage to Estoril (Portugal) to pay homage to don Juan, a king who never wore the crown.

Franco rose against the Republic, but it took more than a decade, until 1947, to declare Spain as a Kingdom and it took still 22 more years to designate Juan Carlos de Borbón as successor. When the dictator died, the new King did not even have dynastic legitimacy. Her father transferred it to her on May 14, 1977, just one month before the first democratic elections .

Juan Carlos I was head of state because nobody had a better option. Or enough force to impose it. Franco threatened to move him in favor of Alfonso de Borbón, also a grandson of Alfonso XIII and husband of his granddaughter

but he never made up his mind; and the Francoists did not have a Spanish Marcelo Caetano (the successor of the Portuguese dictator Oliveira Salazar), once Carrero Blanco died. The distrust towards the King was such that when he designated the “Falangist” Adolfo Suárez as President of the Government , instead of electing the monarchist and liberal José María de Areilza, even Fraga interpreted it as a reverse gear.

The Communist Party of Santiago Carrillo accepted the rojigualda (that is, the Monarchy) in exchange for its legalization ; and the PSOE, after a testimonial defense, sacrificed the tricolor (republican) on the altar of consensus. The Constitution was the fruit of a great transaction, in which the Monarchy appeared as a valuable card, but not enough to break the deck.

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