Athenians are very open, you can easily talk to them and it doesn’t cost anything to make friends. The second virtue is that Athens turns out to be a very welcoming city thanks to its climate.

I have once commented that Athens is two cities, the daytime and night Athens. At night it is even more open and friendly. I say this as someone who has a habit of taking long walks around the city, with time to sit down with friends.

You speak in this and other books of the moral and economic wounds that Europe has suffered, especially the southern countries. Does this also affect the mood, the sense of humor of the Greeks?

In all the years that the crisis has lasted, they have undoubtedly been affected by those wounds from the cuts in their mood. During the period 2010-2017 the Greeks were very discouraged. They were very disappointed, living halfway between despair and anger.

This decisively affected the way of life, how people thought and behaved with others. Now, however, with the coronavirus, that no longer occurs. Now, in this tremendous time, the Greeks keep their minds open, their taste for making jokes. The sense of humor is not the same as it was when the crisis.

In this novel there are lives crossing: that of the birth of the commissioner’s grandson, whose name is Lambros, as a leftist friend of Jaritos, and the threatened life of those who are accused, and as hypocrites who filled the Greek people with suffering It seems as if the descendant of Jaritos represented the arrival of a new Greece …

You say that you often write out of anger. Here he shares his rage with the policeman, who goes on to say that he also sees motives for killing the hypocrites.

Why are your murderers such nice people My answer is that the crucial question I ask myself when writing is not who the killer is but why. Why does this man end up killing And the reason that man becomes a murderer is despair in the face of social and political problems.

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