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The theme for G20 Science 20 would be “preparing for the pandemics” whereas the theme for Humanities 20 would be “crises“. The summits would take place in Italy by October 2021. Both Summits will be taking place back-to-back at the G20 Leaders Summit 2021. Science 20 and Humanities 20 are part of G20 Engagement Groups.

The G20,2021 under the presidency of Italy will ben having three major pillars: People, Planet, Prosperity. The G20 aims at ensuring a swift response to the Covid-19 Pandemic internationally by being able to provide equitable worldwide access to diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines and by building up resilience to future health-related crises.

The Engagement Groups, led by organizations from Italy are working with other organizations from G20 countries to develop policy recommendations and those policies would be submitted to the G20 leaders for consideration. S20 brings together the Academies of Science whereas SSH20 has the same job in G20 Academies of Social Sciences and Humanities.

This year’s S20 Summit would address the scientific community for the preparedness of pandemics, the identification of the most promising research programmes and all the possible policy options that the governments could adopt.

SSH20 Summit will consider all the wide-ranging impacts of crises in the societies that are impacting the populations economically, societal, legally, cultural perspectives and many more. All the recommendations would be submitted to the G20 Leaders.


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