A fuel tank blasted in Lebanon has killed 28 people and has left nearly 80 people injured overwhelming hospitals mentioned by the authorities and medics that has been leading country with high crises.

It also takes us back to bitter memories of an enormous explosion at Beirut port in August 2020 which lead to the death of 200 people. An adviser to the health ministry said that the death count is due to the blast in the Akkar region is 28. The Lebanese Red Cross mentioned that 79 others were injured.

Lost their faces’

“Some lost their faces, some lost their arms mentioned by Metlej to AFP. Such a piece of painstaking news.
Health Minister Hamad Hassan said he was in contact with several countries to evacuate serious burn cases abroad, in Turkey, Kuwait, and Jordan.

“Most of the people who were the victims that someone had thrown a lighter on the floor” which caused sparked explosion.
Fuel shortages have left many people with just two hours of electricity per day, while many hospitals reported closing due to power outages.

Search for the missing people

Lebanon President Michel Aoun ordered an emergency meeting of the defense council due to the blast where the conclusion in the meeting was to provide hospitals with fuels or diesel to generate power.

At the blast scene, soldiers and rescuers are working day and night to rescue the area to search for missing people, as relatives are worried about their loved ones, the media stated.


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