Fans of Euphoria had lots to say about Elliot’s musical performance in the season finale, and actor Dominic Fike didn’t waste any time responding.

Elliot continued, with Rue by his side: “I believe you and my guitar are my only friends. I sacrificed everything to see you shine once more / I hope it was all worth it in the end.”

Whether or not the song was worth it in and of itself, the memes that evolved from it were! Almost immediately, jokes about Elliot’s spontaneous musical stylings began to circulate on social media.

“Euphoria actually provided us a sequence with Elliot singing like we would give af,” one fan remarked, while another said, “All the questions left unresolved because Euphoria authors built in Elliot singing for 27 minutes…ok.”

Dominic, not to be deterred, chose to embrace rather than flee the spotlight. He shared a few of the memes and videos with his 3.1 million Instagram followers, concluding with the message: “The internet has yet to be defeated. I am awestruck.”

Musical excerpts from Camp Rock, Glee, and Victorious were among his favourite jokes.

Euphoria composer Labrinth said in a behind-the-scenes film that the song was co-written by him and Zendaya.

He explained, “Me and Zendaya were truly sitting in one other’s spiritual energy and space.” “And we’re starting to get each other’s creative juices flowing.”

Dominic, who sings and plays guitar in the show, was also involved in the creative process. “Dominic came in and jumped on the score pieces we were working on and played some guitar,” Labrinth added. “The cast is now part of the song, not just acting.”

According to HBO, 6.6 million people watched the season two conclusion of Euphoria across all platforms, confirming that whether you liked or disliked the song, it—and the memes—will live for forever.


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